• From small projects to enterprise deployments

    rtls cloud architecture is developed to fit into any localization projects in single or multiple locations

  • Supports multiple localization and identification technologies

    BLE, UWB, GPS, Sensors …

  • Cost effective operation on premise or on cloud

    Can be managed by own internal IT services or as a multi tenant service

  • Easy data integration and event analysis

    Forward events to internal and external applications for track and trace processes

iot spaces app

device and scenario management for different technologies

rtls analysis app

deep dive data and quality analysis

tracking app

custom asset tracking and inventory management

tracking app

outdoor and indoor localization and tracking

Edge Components

Ready to run components and services for Device integration, data processing and cloud  communication

Cloud Components

Ready to run apps and services for location and site management, event processing and backend integration

Edge Components

Edge Services 

positioning and presence engine
location engine
cloud communication 
security  services

Locating Devices

Dynamic device profiles allows easy integration of 3rd party hardware, as a self service

Ident Devices

Based on hardware capabilities, device providers can add additional 3rd party components for data processing or update services (firmware …)

Runs as a service in existing or open Edge infrastructure

Cloud Components

iot spaces is the main configuration app. Build and operate any location and site infrastructure simple an efficient
Multi tenant management, as a self service for customers and integration partners 
Ready to use integration adapters into BI tools and Enterprise applications
Powerful scalability, to manage millions of devices.
Intelligent diagnostic and analytic tools
Can be deployed in multi Cloud environment as a 24/7 service
– Public Cloud
– Private Cloud
– Corporate Cloud

iot scenario

  • An iot scenario delivers everything out of the box for an end to end use case
  • From device integration, to process deployment on edge and cloud, up to backend integration
  • It will be typically build by device providers or system integrators
  • Wizard based easy end user configuration
Provides type specific device drivers and profiles
Includes edge SW components, services and configuration
Predefined cloud services and backend connections
Simple and easy for end user configuration
One click deployment on edge and cloud level

ble AoA Tracking scenario

Transponder configuration
AoA Calculation engine
Antenna and Hub configuration
Data gateway
Location engine
AoA Position engine
Business Intelligence
Data integration
Device Monitoring

2D Barcode scenario

Scanner configuration
Data gateway
Device controller
Edge configuration
Device Monitoring
Data Integration
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